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The Social Race refocuses the notion of influencer on you, because we are all influencers and influencers in our relationships: family, friends, work colleagues, individuals sharing the same areas of interest… We are in contact with these people via our networks social (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok, Twitter, Linkedin,…) which are all means of disseminating our ideas. From public opinion to the right plan, these platforms are the supports of our communication.

We are therefore all influencers, even if our communities do not have thousands of people. Considered as nano and micro influencers, the relationships we maintain are more authentic and we prefer to trust those who are close to us, with whom we have real contacts.

It is thanks to these connections that The Social Race offers you to earn euros! By sharing posts that relate to your profile and those who follow you on the networks, you get compensation from the advertiser's pot. The larger it is, the more the campaign is likely to interest you (depending on your age, your hobbies, etc.), the bigger your winnings will be! The campaign is over when all of its in-game value has been used up by interactions (likes, comments, shares) on the posts. Hence the race to win as many reactions as possible!

Registration and participation in campaigns is completely free. Join us in a few clicks and discover all the current campaigns!

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